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OUSD 6th Grade End of 1st Semester Benchmark Topics

Benchmark exams end of January 23rd and 24. Some of the key topics are:

1) Proportions, rates, and ratios, especially word type problems which represent the types of equations.

2) Translating word problems into equations.

3) Order of operation

4) Distributive property

5) Solving 1 & 2- Step equations

6) Combining Like terms, with terms on one-side and both sides of the equal sign.

7)Subsititution of variables with integers and solving equations

8) Determining and being able to recognize tables for graphing basic function equations

We have been going through various types of problems including multi-step equations. I am really trying to get all of the students to work step-by-step through the problems. He still needs to continue working on integers and +,-, /, and x of fractions and working with problems containing decimals.