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In-Home Tutoring

Your student will have a tutor working closely with him/her to focus solely on his/her specific needs. Our services are provided in the comfort of your own home providing the student with a familiar and comfortable environment and giving you the freedom NOT to have to travel to provide your student with enhanced education services.

Special Needs / Learning Challenges

Whether you suspect your child might have a learning disability or already know what his/her learning challenges are, at Sunny Day Tutoring, we provide assessments and diagnosis and are highly experienced at working with students with ADD, ADHD and at all levels on the Autism spectrum. We also help to develop individualized education programs (IEPs) and help to ensure the school is supporting the student as they should be.

Diagnosis / Assessment

You may have many questions about your child’s abilities and school, such as: “Does my child just struggle with math or does he have some sort of learning disability?” or “is my child ready for school?” or “is it time for outside help?” When you work with Sunny Day Tutoring, we can start with assessment and diagnosis and develop a personalized, customized education program for your child’s needs… whatever they may be. We help to get your questions answered and then provide you with the solution for your student to have the best possible educational outcome.

New Client Special Offer

1 free session with the purchase of approximately 8 in a month!