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Here are six notable websites and mobile apps that were added to Edshelf by educators. This week’s picks include apps that are aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and have been proven in classrooms. Use these teacher-recommended tools to aid your instruction and improve student outcomes.

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Actively Learn – An online e-reader where you can place notes and CCSS-aligned questions against specific parts of a document.

Grammar Pop HD – From Grammar Girl, this popular CCSS-aligned iPad game teaches kids proper grammar.

Middle School Math 6th Grade – The developer of this CCSS-aligned iOS math game also has apps for 7th & 8th grade math, science, and vocabulary.

Kinvolved – Created by two educators, this online system tracks, analyzes, and recommends actions based on a student’s classroom attendance.

Number Pieces Basic – From the non-profit The Math Learning Center, this iPad app teaches place value using virtual math manipulatives.

Sumdog Snowball – And from the creators of the popular online math game Sumdog comes this lively math game for the iPad.

Enjoy these new additions!

                                                ~ Mike Lee, Co-founder of Edshelf