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If you are sending your child to a summer camp, either day or overnight, for the first time, here are some tips from Home Education Resource Directory. You may find them helpful!

1) Discuss with your child what type of camp they might like. Make them a part of the research. They will be more excited if they have participated in choosing a camp.
Do they have friends that are going to camp? Are they interested in the camp their friends are going to? Remind them that they can always make new friends at a different camp if this one is not in alignment with their interests.

2) Talk to other parents that have had children go to camp. They may give you valuable insight about camp and what to expect. I’m sure they will have great stories to share about how they felt the day they dropped off their child at camp.

3) Talk about camp with your child. If you went to a camp share your experience and stories. Kids always love to hear about what Mom or Dad did when they were kids.

4) Talk with your child about any concerns or fears they have. Just talking it over can make their concerns less traumatic. Talk with them about what they should do if they do feel uncomfortable, sad, or homesick.

5) Make sure the camp will address any food allergies and also medications. Is there a nurse on staff? How does the camp deal with emergencies?

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